Friday, November 6, 2015

"The Creation Answers Book" by Don Batten, David Catchpoole, Jonathan Sarfati & Carl Weiland

     Any book written by those four scientific creationism heavyweights is worth picking up and reading, and this 265-page wonder is no exception.
     This is a book that serves two wonderful purposes for the curious investigator and also for the grounded and well-informed Christian Bible believer: On one hand, it deals in a straightforward manner with more than sixty questions that need to be asked and answered by anyone open-minded enough to question the anti-scientific bias of the evolutionists and old earth propagandists who tend to argue more from assumptions than from real science. It is a book that I would recommend to anyone with a genuinely open mind in search of the truth. It is also a great book for the seasoned warrior who was first informed by such heroes of the faith as the late Henry Morris and Duane Gish. This book updates theories and suggests newly developed approaches to defending the faith and our unchanging Bible.
     I highly recommend it for readability and fidelity to God's Word.