Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Revisiting Oprah's Golden Globes Comments

     I just listened to Oprah's speech from the Golden Globes again. I did not watch the Golden Globes but did hear snippets of her comments later on the local news channel and have something I would like to express.
     She was impeccably dressed. Her presentation was what one might expect of a professional who has enjoyed great success in front of a television camera. She is a masterful communicator.
     But what did she actually say? Her obvious political mantra as she tests the waters for a presidential run will be something along the line of "There is a new day." You have to have a catchy phrase to run for president.
     However, I have some questions.
     What will this person who persuaded the country to vote for Barack Obama do differently than he did?
     Will she divide us as certainly as President Obama divided us?
     And what was the point of her comments made to a room full of people who are either themselves Harvey Weinstein wannabes or women who enabled Harvey Weinstein to get away with what he did to so many women for so many years?
     After all, everyone in the room knew what Harvey was doing with those women, including Oprah. Yet she and they did nothing.
     It will be interesting to watch things develop, not from the perspective of how good was her speech (the serpent in the Garden was a good speaker, Adolf Hitler was a good speaker, and V. I. Lenin was a good speaker), but from the perspective of how her leftist, pro-abortion, George Soros friendly, New Age religion, socialist agenda affects the country.